About Me

“What is the meaning of life if we leave the world unchanged?”

Hi! Very welcome to my website and into my world. I say this because I didn’t understand my life nor my purpose for a long time, and the knowledge that I’m promoting was the answer to both.

A brief introduction:

As a kid I was super cheerful and energetic; I loved playing outside, running, getting dirty in the sandbox and animals were my greatest friends. At home, I had a good time with my loving family consisting of my parents, my sister and our German shepherd. I really could be myself there.
School on the other hand felt like a suffocation; the curriculum did not excite me and I had to sit still all day long, which was a great source of annoyance! During this time, I probably got the ADHD label…
From that moment on, things started changing for the worse and even radically, when my mother became seriously ill and I had to move to my grandmother at the age of eight. I shut myself off emotionally and started to seek incentives in a destructive way; provocation, stealing, pulling pranks. Later I also started smoking, drinking and using drugs. Feasting became my coping strategy, one could say. A fantastic time on one hand but with a dark side to it.

At the age of twenty, I realized that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and youth. And had to make. After all, I experienced that I needed something completely different at certain moments in my life. I  followed a Social Pedagogical Counseling lead-up and specialized in youth care. It seemed wisdom to me to interfere as early as possible. In the field (forensic psychiatry and youth ‘care’) however, a nasty surprise was waiting for me. I did not see progress, but degeneration; a failing system that underlies conflicts of interest and a lack of knowledge.

A burnout and depression at the age of twenty-seven lead me to a spiritual transformation. The Universe forced me to face my own traumas and as a result I started seeing things in a wider spectrum. In my youth, most people thought I was a difficult teenager always learning the hard way, but essentially the system we’re living in kills our soul. We don’t get the chance to explore our true life purpose, we are brainwashed from the cradle to the grave to become (and stay) slaves to the system and I just couldn’t surrender to this program. My traumas, this cold-blooded system and the lack of meaning were at the root of my destructive behaviors.

In this period of spiritual growth, I also realized that my process was both individual and collective; the entire earth undergoes an evolutionary transition. In the work of Sri Aurobindo I found answers; he predicted a spiritual evolution with the arrival of a new human species thanks to the Supramental Consciousness that has been active in the earth’s atmosphere and matter since 1956. In his Integral Yoga, I discovered the natural method for human development through my own experience. Not yet another theory among all others, but knowledge through identification. It took me several years to change my destructive patterns, but at the age of thirty-one I finally dealt with all. And I became aware of my life purpose; I had to undergo the old state of affairs and transcend this level, to be able to implement the new way. Because we cannot solve problems by using the same level of thinking we used when we created them…

In 2015, I started my practice The New Brain (Het Nieuwe Brein) and two years later an academy for the leaders of the future, which I am expanding at the moment by translating my blog and articles into English and connecting the True World Order worldwide!