“You must know the whole before you can know the part, and the highest before you can truly understand the lowest.
That is the promise of the greater psychology awaiting its hour, before which these poor gropings will disappear and come to nothing.”


Sri Aurobindo


The end of an Era
We have come to the end of the Iron Age. Since the time of Egypt, we are living under the regime of a group of psychopaths who have maintained their power through marriage policy and black magic, and worked on an agenda for world domination which we are experiencing today. But, for heaven’s sake they don’t have the last word. There exists a greater, all-encompassing evolutionary plan.

The level that created the problems, simply cannot solve them…
Since the middle of the last century a higher consciousness has been active in the earth’s atmosphere and matter, which is bringing all the darkness to the surface. This increased energy frequency (which influences the Schumann resonance) transforms the small group who can participate in this shift, and eliminates both the degenerated masses and the ruling order. This is how this war will be settled.

New leaders; new consciousness
The world is crying for new leaders. Leaders that are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature. Leaders who will establish new systems that do justice to the full human potential. From a greater capacity – the Supramental Consciousness – which sees the whole picture: past, present and future in perspective. And with that, the old, exhausted world makes way for a new world, in which systems support humanity and the earth in our evolution towards unity in diversity.


Consciousness stages
Man evolves upwards from ordinary intelligence through four stadia: the Higher Mental, the Enlightened Mental, the Intuitive Mental, the Overmind surmounted by the Supramental Consciousness or Supermind.


Basic principles academy
Every person is on earth for a yoga process.
Every person is on earth for a specific purpose.
Every person is unique, has its own developmental rhythm and way of learning.

People are not equal, there is a difference in consciousness development.

The goal of human evolution is unity in diversity.
The Supramental knowledge about man and evolution serves as a guideline for the realization of this goal.
As foundation.
The Supramental knowledge must be experienced, lived through, and integrated in daily life.
Because than it’s no longer a theory but a certainty that this knowledge is the truth.



We are the change!
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  • These basic principles apply to the more mature souls who’ve worked their way up during evolution, and for whom the possibility exists (when they consciously cooperate) to participate in the current evolutionary transition.