Are you a future leader? – Blogpost 01/10/2021

We are crossing the twilight of an age. People look civilized in their suits and dresses, but we are only civilized on the surface; underneath the cannibal quietly goes his way. As we can see, more and more people are showing their true faces.
It may sound harsh, but we need this End time/ Sixth Extinction to come to a New World. Every part of this pyramid system is satanic and needs replacement. The New Age is only for the more developed souls, the empaths. All the predators among us are leaving the scene.

If you want to develop an overarching perspective, you need a Supramental Consciousness. Also referred to as the Truth Consciousness. This energy is active in the earth’s atmosphere and matter since 1956 and is very busy transforming our world. It brings all the darkness to the surface.
The systems of the future are based on this new consciousness and will be led by the more mature souls who’ve integrated this consciousness fully in themselves.

Why is it so important to study the Supramental Yoga? Because we’ve been tricked into believing that enlightenment is the highest state of consciousness, and now we have millions of teachers that are not even halfway. The psychoanalysis is used against humanity and does more harm than good.
Another but smaller group believes that Cosmic Consciousness means complete liberation, but that’s also a lie. We become fully liberated when our body – where the entire previous evolution and our experiences from this life are stored – becomes transformed, and only the Supramental light is capable of doing this. So we need a group of pioneers who become fully aware, raise their vibration, literally become a beaming bacon and cause the shift!

Because the Supramental Consciousness descended on me in 2015 I’ve gained experience with this phenomenon, and today it’s fully integrated. That means I can see the full truth and the dark part of God is not tricking me anymore. The Supramental Yoga is our new psychology and because this study is written on a high level, I simplify it in more understandable language and highlight the most difficult parts in my study articles.

In The Limits of psychoanalysis, I break down the biggest misconception of today’s mental and spiritual psychology and bridge the gap to the Supramental Yoga.

For those who’re interested:

The Limits of Psychoanalysis