Are you coming to the new Era? – Blogpost 09/08/2021

We stand at the dawn of a new Era. We are shifting from the Era of the third chakra, wherein we both individually and collectively deal with the aspects power and willpower (the inherent abuse of power and the lack of willpower) to the fourth, the hartchakra that stands for love, cooperation and balance.
Many old souls crave for this better world and the reality today may seem hopeless, but the Dark Forces will be eliminated by the Supramental Consciousness which is very busy transforming this world and the people that are awakening. The Supramental Consciousness is also referred to as the Truth Consciousness. It brings all the darkness to the surface.

➡️ When will this shift occur?
When a critical mass has reached a complete Supramental transformation. As a result, a hundredth monkey effect occurs; the energy level on earth increases and eliminates the predators among us. They get sick and die out. Like many species died out before. They want to kill us with 5G (and other weapons) but nature will kill them with 5D so to speak.

The promised land, as the Bible describes, is not a place on the map (as these lunatics believe), it’s the New Era. And the chosen ones are not bloodlines (as these lunatics believe) but the mature souls that have evolved through all the ages and also are taking the next step in their evolutionary process in this live.

In every state of consciousness, we have our privileges and our responsibility’s. If one understands that the evolutionary process is trying to accomplish a better world, then you could ask yourself:

⭐️ What does this mean for me?
⭐️ Are my actions contributing to this better world?
⭐️ Am I just following orders, or am I thinking for myself?
⭐️ Am I open for new knowledge to expand my consciousness?
⭐️ Am I taking the steps that I need to take to evolve?
⭐️ Am I following the signs of my soul? Or am I following the signs of my Ego?
⭐️ Am I aware of my own dark sides, and am I transforming them? Or is it always someone else who needs to change?

The signs of the soul are not loud. The mind and the Ego are and always have an excuse to stay in our comfort zone. Our soul gives us these gentle signs and feelings. Little sparks that cheer us to walk new paths. To go into the unknown. To explore and to grow. To do the right thing and become a more complete version of ourselfs…

Therefore we need to quit with jobs that are not contributing to this better world.
Therefore we need to quit with addictions because addictions are the work and the world of the Dark Forces that are preventing us from evolving.
Therefore we need to quit with relationships if the levels of consciousness are not equal.
Therefore we need to study the Occult, which is the highest science of the Universe.
And sometimes we need to take a step back from teaching others and focus on our own process to make progress.

➡️ What is your true life purpose?
That’s the mayor question. Often we find our purpose in a time of crises.

‘Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path’

I’ve met many people in my life, in all different stages of consciousness, and I think the biggest illusion we face in every stage (again) is to think that it’s fine to stay where we are and that some other people are going to solve this or that issue. We struggle with a contradictory nature; we want progress on one hand but at the same time progress requires a lot of effort, and we rather stay in our comfort zone.
We also have that instinctive herd behavior in our system that constantly seeks for some new kind of hero on the throne. Many people got stuck in the New Cage movement, completely in denial about the dark sides of live and hoping that God magically presents this New Age with new systems on a plateau. Well, that’s not going to happen. This system needs to fall. Every part of this system is sick and we have to build something completely new.
I probably not make friends by saying this, but the world is full of ‘teachers’ but severely short of warriors. People who put the knowledge into practice.

To make a long story short:
We are responsible for building the New Age, and it’s up to every individual if one is taking the steps that one needs to be taken. The New Era is for people with a conscience. The rest is leaving the planet.

#Endtime #SixthExtinction

Ps. I do not support any believe system. No religions, no New Cage, No Statism.