Logo rectification – Blogpost 11/01/2022

I made a mistake with the design of my logo, so I changed it. The mortarboard is a reference to Freemasonry and symbolizes the corrupt system in which our education plays a key role. From an early age, we are trained as slaves to maintain the system, whereby only University level gets extensive knowledge about the working methods of the ruling order.

Why do judges and lawyers wear black gowns?
Why do priests wear black robes?
Why did the SS wear black uniforms?

Because the black clothing refers to the worship of the planet Saturn. This way they are showing that they belong to the priesthood of the planet Saturn. This doesn’t really strike a chord with most people because we haven’t learned about it, and it meant nothing to me either because I was educated at HBO level (higher professional education), but I have studied the occult well in recent years, and learned to decipher this language. Words, terms, symbols, gestures, colors, emblems (and the entire media frenzy) have been used to massively mislead humanity, which all fall under black magic.

Nothing is what it seems
In ancient times, universal aspects, including planets, were worshiped as separate entities. Saturn is known as the God of darkness, chaos and destruction and was the most important God at that time, and for the so-called ‘elite’ – derived from the Semitic name ‘EL’ for Saturn – still is. The same goes for ‘elections’ which means that you hand over your power to a representative of EL. This God could teach you a lesson or even take your life, and was therefore associated with the color black.
The black cube represents the Saturn cult, which we see in various religions and also in the streets worldwide. The cube represents ‘imprisoned consciousness,’ the wheel of karma, the eternal cycle of incarnation without liberation. Saturn is also known as ‘the Black Sun’. That is why you see many priests and popes depicted with a sun and so-called ‘saints’ with a halo above their heads, which refers to the ring around the planet. “Nothing is what is seems” someone once said to me, well that’s a truism.

The Law of Attraction
When I had the logo made in 2017, I thought that the hat simply represented an academy. I realized that the school system and healthcare/ social services had passed their expiration date, and I also knew what knowledge we had to continue with, but that all institutions are corrupt to the core and were part of the pyramid system, had not yet dawned on me. Everything there is right now is part of the pyramid, and we will have to start all over again when the ruling order falls. That is why it is essential that the full truth will be known and integrated. We cannot start somewhere halfway with something new, because then it is based on half knowledge and doomed to failure. Therefore, we cannot say: “This symbol has a different meaning for me, and I use it anyway” because that way we maintain the illusion and the system. An energetic message is sent into the world with an age-old meaning and charge, and that energy is coming right back at you. So you especially harm yourself when you act out of ignorance, and you don’t get out of the cube.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!
This happens not once but a hundred times in your awakening process. Countless times I have started over, changed things in my life and rewrote my study-articles. I’ve learned mostly through trial and error and a lot of self-study, and I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes, but I want to straighten out that I’m NOT a cult member. In fact, the opposite is true, I’ve spent my whole life fighting them. I am on Earth to realize the new world, and we, the awakening group, is responsible for building that new world that is based on nothing but the truth. The truth exists! It is a matter of consciousness development.