New Age Bullshit or The New Cage – Blogpost 09/08/2021

Many people on the spiritual path are consciously or unconsciously connected to the New Age movement. They think they’ve found a free way of experiencing spirituality. After all, spirituality must be about achieving complete freedom. However, the New Age movement was conceived by those in power to lure people who are (coming) on the spiritual path into a subsequent trap. It’s a form of pseudo-spirituality, and many spiritual ‘teachers’ use it. As a result, people stagnate in their process and don’t take actions that bring real changes in the world. Therefore, referred to as The New Cage.

It may be difficult to comprehend, but the real rulers on earth are occultists. Always has been. People who have a lot of spiritual knowledge and sometimes also have spiritual powers. Some are on the public stage, some behind the scenes. And they know exactly how our minds work! They invent mindcontrol techniques to keep us away from the truth. This way our consciousness remains captive, and we don’t realize who we really are. Beings with a Divine essence that we can unfold on a planet that especially is created for us!
We find these mindcontrol techniques everywhere. In the media, politics, education, ‘health care’, the legal system and thus also in spiritual movements. The further you progress on the ladder of consciousness, the more vicious the lie.

Within the range of spiritual movements, including coaching- / yoga- / counseling courses, ashrams and yoga schools, we are deceived with expensive courses. I’ve been in many places and paid a lot of tuition. I’ve often been very disappointed, angry and sad about the double agendas of this group of people because making a deal with the Devil at this level happens very consciously!
At first, it all seems a lot of fun; you meet people who also want progression, you are given a number of tools, but in the end you get stuck in a jumble of pseudo-spirituality. Aurobindo calls this phenomenon the Spiritual Ego. They forsake their own process and deliberately take advantage of ignorant people. As a result, there is a large group of people on Earth right now who are just in the awakening process and immediately want to inspire others or even start a practice. This shifts the focus from one’s further development to ‘guiding’ others (out of the frying pan into the fire) and starting a business. Because of people like Gabrielle Bernstein (US), Dolly Heuveling van Beek and Simone Levie (NL), all types of ‘lightworkers’ academy’s etc., we now have for every little pain an ‘expert’. Complete madness! A message that many don’t want to hear, but it is the truth. This is a preconceived trap and a very big problem! If you don’t have enough knowledge and experience yet, you can unconsciously send other people in a completely wrong direction. And that’s what’s happening. Many people are trapped in the fear-grab created deliberately by those in power and the invisible forces behind them. And pseudo-spirituality keeps us stuck in this situation.


Every person who can participate in this shift has to become a knower. Therefore, I include all the resources in this blog that helped me understand our consciousness. All the answers have been there for a long time! We just need to re-search.
The only real solution now, is to free ourselves from this sick system by taking matters into our own hands. That is the result of truth-seeking. In the end, you don’t need anything or anyone outside yourself anymore, you are aware of your sovereignty, and you are your own leader.

We all have a specific life purpose, and we are incarnated on earth to discover it and work it out. Our roles automatically fall into place in the development of the New World. To put a long story short;

The world doesn’t need millions of coaches, therapists and enlightened masters to repair broken children and adults, but people who complete their own process and set up systems that do justice to the full human potential. That is the next step in evolution!

The 15 most important New Age deceptions:

1. Ignore negativity
Under the guise ‘what you focus on grows’ you are taught to keep away from negativity. No negative news, no negative thoughts, no negative emotions etc. Your concentration should be on positive thoughts, feelings and intentions. However, this backfires. Ignoring negativity creates only more chaos, negativity, ignorance etc. A problem can only be solved if you get to the root cause of the problem and then take the right actions to solve it. This won’t work if you ignore a part of reality and the issue and take no actions.

‘You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.’

You will have to accept existence as it is. Dark and Light and everything in between. And if you don’t, you will experience the consequences. The dark powers have gained so much ground on Earth because we’ve massively ignored the dark side of the coin. And now we are experiencing the consequences.

2. Never get angry
Anger, if properly channeled, is a transformative force that can set the whole world into motion! But in the New Age movement, anger is not done. Everything must be loving and peaceful, and we must respect each other’s opinions. You are also led to believe that if you feel anger, it always has something to do with yourself. However, this is only partly true. It is true that a situation can trigger unresolved pain. But it is also possible that someone disadvantages us with his or her behavior. And sometimes it happens both at the same time.
By stating that anger always has something to do with ourselves, we start to doubt ourselves. At some point, we no longer dare to stand up for ourselves. Our natural protection mechanism disappears. And when we don’t express this powerful energy, it swings in. She turns against us. She destroys us. Our natural life flow gets blocked. Every time we don’t express ourselves and contain an energy that doesn’t belong to us, we lose strength. Hasn’t this mindcontrol technique been extremely successful?

3. There is no such thing as right and wrong
Newagers often talk about unity, that everything is good, that everyone has their place and that you should not judge this.
Yes, in essence, we are one, that’s right. But we are all here on an individual journey to work out the duality within ourselves, not to flee from it by mental reasoning! Objectively, right and wrong does exist! Knowing the difference and acting accordingly is one of our most fundamental life tasks, otherwise evil will prevail, as we are experiencing right now. We live in a mental and now also in a physical prison because people don’t understand the Law of Freedom. And it’s quite simple:

When moral behavior increases, freedom increases.
When immoral behavior increases, slavery increases.

So freedom and morality are directional proportional. That’s why everyone should become aware of the laws of nature. What is moral and immoral behavior? If we all have this knowledge, the distinction between good and evil is indisputable. Only this way we can address and ultimately ban immoral behavior in order to achieve a more developed, higher civilization.

4. You can never really know (Solipsism)
Solipsism (from Latin solus, meaning ‘alone’, and ipse, meaning ‘self’) is the philosophical idea that only one’s mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind. All interpretation is therefore subjective, there are only opinions and everyone’s perspective is equally valid. But that’s bullshit! The truth exists whether you believe in it or not. After all, what’s the use of seeking truth if the truth doesn’t exist? And is someone’s totally uneducated, uninformed opinion equal to the perspective of someone who has studied for decades (not only within educational institutions because these are mindcontrol programs) and has gained multiple life experiences? No. Simple as that.

Humanity is trapped in five world religions: Religions, New Age pseudo-spirituality, Statism (the belief in the state), Science and Money. The truth transcends these religions.

I think it’s good to mention here that science can make a very useful contribution to issues. However, in our (Western) world, science has become a religion. Everything must first be scientifically proven, and then we form our policy. Pure science certainly exists. Pure science is measurable and verifiable. But science is always playing catch-up. A phenomenon first arises and then we investigate it. And because we are in an evolutionary process, we keep discovering new things. Developments continue. Life doesn’t work in such a way that you can frame everything in advance. That’s why our intuition plays an extremely important role. Intuition is a form of foreknowledge.

A major problem in this field, among others, is that many scientists have an overactive/ dominant left-brain and therefore have a distorted sense of reality. There are also many in the service of the state and deliberately bringing pseudoscience into the world. False information that misleads humanity. And with the religious group/ newagers this is the other way around. They have an overactive/ dominant right-brain, which gives them a distorted world view.

5. The world we live in is an illusion/ simulation
This statement is an extension of nr 4. Also the biggest bullshit! This world is not an illusion or simulation at all. This world is specially designed for our evolution. A place to learn and to grow through experiences and knowledge to become divine humans. So that we can contribute constructively to this creation. That is the ultimate goal of life on Earth!

‘The greatest technology hidden from you is your own consciousness.’

6. Evil is necessary
This is an incorrect application of polarities. Allowing yourself to linger in one polarity and stay there, evil in this case, and refusing to develop yourself. Evil is not something that has to happen. It’s a choice. A behavioral choice. This also means that you are just as responsible if you let evil happen.

7. Accept everything and never resist
Take things as they come and don’t resist. Events come your way for a reason. The whole new Age movement is designed to suppress our masculine energy so that we don’t take real actions to change ourselves and the world. Events have their purpose, yes. The goal is to learn and grow from them, and then ACT upon it.

8. The Law of Attraction
I want to attract what I want. A job, a partner, more financial resources or whatever. In this Ego oriented way, the Law of Attraction is explained in New Age circles and many spiritual programs are based upon this misconception. Think of (digital) programs such as: Courses in wealth and abundance, realize your success business within six months, be illuminated in three steps and more of such nonsense. You be made to believe that you can achieve anything you want instantly! The reality is a bit different.

Everything in this Universe is inherent to the Law of Cause and Effect. Also called the Law of Karma, and this is an important law to take notice of. This law is inextricably linked to the Law of Attraction, which has the function to discover the truth as it is, through situations and relationships, and in this way we also contribute to the development of others. We are eachother’s mirror. For example, we attract a partner with similar trauma, so we can learn to understand ourselves and eachother better. The other person’s pain mirrors your own pain. And every time we don’t resolve it, we attract similar situations until we take the lesson to heart and resolve our underlying problem.

‘You are represented two choices: Evolve or Repeat.’

9. No one is ever to blame. Blame does not exist.
This false statement teaches us that responsibility doesn’t exist and that there is no such thing as moral culpability. People who are actually responsible for harm that was done to others. We must understand moral culpability in a very straightforward and streetwise way. The person who took the action is ultimately morally responsible for the harm that was caused by that action. So there is such a thing as blame. There is such a thing as moral culpability.
If you’ve made a mistake, it doesn’t mean you have to dwell in that, because that eats you up, but you’re responsible for acknowledging and correcting your mistakes. We all are.

‘I’ve learned so much from my mistakes, I’m thinking about making another few’ (just kidding;))

10. The false notion of forgiveness
Saying that you have forgiven someone when you don’t feel this way inside. Because of (religious) beliefs or because you are afraid of losing something or someone.
Forgiveness can take place if you understand why something has happened and/ or if someone genuinely regrets the harm he/ she has done to you. Don’t fool yourself. As long as it is not there, it is not there yet. Simple as that.

11. Chaos should be feared
No, chaos is a teacher. Making mistakes is one of the best ways that we learn. We find out new ways to do something. The system we live in has made us control freaks. Life is not exclusively achievable.

12. The truth does not need to be defended
Yes is does! The truth is constantly under attack by lies, mindcontrol, disinformation etc. Of course we need to speak the truth when it’s under attack, twisted or suppressed. This hinders the development of our worldview, our freedom and evolution.

‘Speak the truth. Even if your voice shakes.’

13. Enlightenment is only about enlightening yourself and feeling good
Highly annoying I find these ‘floating types’ who constantly talk about love for all and everything, peace and flowers, about ‘just being present’ or ‘living in the NOW’ and thereby forsaking life. You are not only here for yourself, we also have a collective responsibility for our society and for the future of our children.
Yes, of course we have benefits of spiritual development, the growing love inside us and the greater freedom we experience (in multiple areas). But it’s certainly not an exclusively fun process, waking up is a laborious and often painful process. That’s why most people run away from it. We are born naive and that veil hangs around us for a long time. Waking up goes by experiencing shocks. The truth is really traumatic, and that’s why we need the right spiritual knowledge to fight this battle effectively.

Enlightening is thereby a far outdated stage. There are several more stages of consciousness. And every shift in consciousness requires a cleaning process or a dark night of the soul. We cannot experience deeper forms of love and happiness if we ignore our pain and ignorance.

‘No one can reach heaven without going through hell’

Sri Aurobindo

14. Love is all you need
Incorrect! You need the right knowledge. And courage and willpower to live through your pain and to take the right actions in the world. Love is very important, yes. Absolutely required. But it is by no means all that is required.
Love is a process. It gets bigger as we develop ourself. People often talk about unconditional love and say that they embody it, but until we have finished our whole process, love is conditional.

15. A savior comes to rescue us
So many people believe in some kind of savior and think that he or it is coming any day now. No! We have to do it ourselves. We must do the work. If you look for that, you are just externalizing your power to a (mythical) entity, deity, figure or force and this ensures that you don’t regain your power and don’t take the necessary actions to change yourself and the world.

Anyone who says you should let your destiny/ future depend on someone else or something outside yourself is mind-controlled or a cheater! It’s that simple.

Controlled opposition
The world is on fire and the need for change lives in the hearts of many. Several whistleblowers appeared to the scene, but not one is talking about the real solution!
The two-headed beast consists of the dark power (easy to recognize) and the false light (more difficult to recognize; controlled opposition in its broadest form). They tell you 80 – 90% truth, but eventually give you the runaround with all kinds of theories about extraterrestrials, simulations, endless occult source lists, and with the mission to wake up the masses, which is degenerated Big Time and therefore will not wake up! We live in the Endtime/ or the period known as the Sixth Extinction. Everything that’s going on was planned long ago. It is an illusion to think that you can stop this train with activities outside outside your own process. The only meaningful action is to progress in your own transformation, because that’s the ultimate goal they want to keep you from (in every possible way)!

Become your own leader!
Where all spiritual movements, sects and clubs/ groups end, the work of Sri Aurobindo begins. He describes the entire evolutionary process, including the different stages of consciousness through which you can learn to see where you are in your process, where others stand and where we are collectively. The right knowledge and actions lead to the right result. For the record; this is not a new religion, you have to do all the work yourself. The freedom we seek lies in the completion of our individual process! The much discussed unity of body, mind and soul. This means not only a spiritual liberation, but also a complete transformation of the body. Then the light literally shines through your body. You literally become a beaming beacon. When a critical group reaches a complete transformation, we will shift collectively. This energetic shift will eliminate the predators among us. That makes the real difference here on Earth, and no one is talking about this! Without the transformation of the body, nothing has been achieved!

In conclusion
This blog is inspired by Mark Passio’s New Age Bullshit seminar. Mark Passio has a wealth of occult knowledge. You can learn a lot from him, but beware, he is controlled opposition! Just like David Icke, Alex Jones, Oprah, Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins among others.
The Spiritual Ego is the most difficult to pierce. So-called teachers/ gurus can easily fool humanity in this area because the vast majority has no clue of the occult. And there are people with spiritual capabilities on earth like Bhagavan and Amma from the Oneness University in India for example. The world’s power has always been in the hands of these so-called Gods and dark powers. Today we break through this CAGE with the help of all who are ready.

This message is not meant to hurt you but to wake you up. We’ve been fooled Big Time and WE ARE THE CHANGE we are awaiting for!

❤️ Fenneke


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