New Psychology & Cosmology

God and the Devil (or the light and the dark) and evolution are often separated. The current rulers are also trying to tell us that there exists no such thing as the Ultimate Truth. They try to distract and divide us into your truth/ my truth, your religion/ my religion, your political views and my political views etc. But that’s all deception. Divide and conquer is a trick of the Devil, because the truth does exist! What’s the use of seeking truth if the truth doesn’t exist? If you know the truth, you lose the belief in “anything” or “anyone” outside yourself, and then you can’t be ruled… The ruling order has a lot of knowledge of the occult, and our handicap is that we do not.

‘All existence is a manifestation of God’

Sri Aurobindo

I have found the truth in the work of Sri Aurobindo. He describes the entire evolutionary process, so we can develop an overarching perspective and learn to see where we stand individually and collectively.

The essence of the world in which we live is Consciousness. God = All That Is. The unmanifested (fields, forces and beings) and the manifested. We are the evolutionary product of both. Depending on our development, we are connected to a specific thought field or consciousness stage. Each stage contains a shared truth (you discover both truths and lies) that we have to work through to move to the next stage until we reach the full truth; the Supramental Consciousness.

There is a method for everything, including human development, and Aurobindo reaches the keys in his Integral Yoga to make progress. This knowledge prevents a lot of searching and unnecessary suffering. At this point in time, this is the most valuable knowledge a person can have, I can corroborate that with certainty! But the Integral Yoga is a study at University level that must be experienced in real life, which isn’t easy in this chaotic End Time. That’s why I made this knowledge more accessible to a wider audience by simplifying it, connecting it to my personal experiences, other important sources and our world today.

To begin with, I would recommend my e-book 📚: The Next Step in Our Evolution is Now

There are also three beautiful documentaries available about this study, and these two are the most important ones:

However, knowledge is of no value unless we put it into practice. We must master the knowledge combined with our experiences to become a knower (a Divine human). The purpose of life on Earth.

Experience + Knowledge + Integration = Consciousness development.

Fenneke Lammerink



PS. The documentaries are showing the earth’s shape is round, but that’s incorrect, the earth is flat:

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball in 28 languages!

100 Proofs Earth is Not a Globe (Videobook)

The Chakra System
In the depths of each of us, seven wheel-like energy centers revolve – the chakras. The chakras are the energy centers of man. In India and China, they have been considered a measure of the functioning of the body and mind for thousands of years. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or disk; it indicates a crossroad where mind and body meet. They’re interpenetrating centers of vital life force, and each chakra represents an aspect of consciousness that characterizes our lives. From bottom to top: survival, sex & emotions, power, love, communication, clairvoyance, wisdom.

Unity of body, mind and soul
Together, these chakras form a system that gives structure to this consciousness and allows us to get to know our body, mind and soul better. By understanding this inner arrangement, we can understand our defense mechanisms and needs, and learn how to restore balance.
The chakra system has exactly the same validity as any other psychological theory but is much more widely applicable. After all, it includes body, mind and spirit.

The Life Purpose System
People from all walks of life share an innate need for meaning, direction and purpose. This urge to understand life seems to be just as important to our psychological growth as food is to our biological survival.
While many of us don’t even consciously understand or acknowledge that we even have a specific life purpose, our subconscious knows why we are here; it seeks contact and sends us messages through our dreams, our intuition and our deepest desires. The call of our destiny reveals itself in our deepest motivations and in our capacities – the hidden forces behind our personality. These drivers shape our careers and our relationships, and influence the direction and quality of our lives.

Life numbers and Laws of nature
Until we understand our underlying purpose and start living it, our life can look like a puzzle with missing pieces; maybe we feel somewhere that there is something, a reason why we are on earth, but we cannot name it. We work and rest, eat and sleep, earn and spend money, have our share of pleasures and difficulties, but the basic understanding of our life purpose may continue to elude us.
The life purpose system allows us to increase our awareness and that of others. Based on the principle that the Universe functions according to laws as real as the Law of Gravity, this system provides specific laws, tailored to each life path, to help us maintain our health, our relationships, our work, and every other facet of our lives. to change our lives.