Almost everything we think we know about addiction is wrong. Addiction is a serious condition arising from a response to trauma (in early childhood). The moment we don’t get our needs satisfied naturally, we tend to fulfill them with substitutes. This often happens unconsciously. We turn to something that relieves the inner emptiness and that addiction can be anything; from an unhealthy diet, an obsession with your phone, playing video games, watching porn, using medication/ alcohol/ other drugs to an unhealthy fixation on something or someone. A deep satisfaction of that original, natural need isn’t forthcoming, and a destructive pattern arises. Often this pattern leads to multiple problems. For example in the field of health, relationships, work and/ or finances and ultimately to a general stagnation in one’s development.
Humanity is trapped in a vicious cycle of trauma – addiction – possession. From the common man to the royals and church-/ spiritual leaders; everyone deals with this to a greater or lesser extent. Only the last group deliberately maintains this misery.
How do substances/ addictions affect our brain and our development? What’s the influence of occasional use? What’s the relationship between addiction and demonic influence? How do you deal with addicted people in your environment? Why do people relapse? What’s the best parenting strategy with regard to this theme? An essential issue at this point in time! And of course the key question; How do you get rid of addiction?

This item offers insight, overview and a concrete treatment/ step-by-step plan with regard to the theme of addiction for everyone who wants to free themselves from this prison!


This introduction outlines the scope of the extended item: Addiction and covers 48 pages. With this study article I recommend the purchase of my ebook, which serves as the foundation and basic manual that I refer to in my articles.


My story | A double life | Do or die… | An addicted society | The science of addiction | Drugs/ addictions and the brain | Addiction and demonic influence | We consist of energy | The etheric body | Characteristics of an aura field | Weakening of an aura field | Ghosts/ entities and hostile forces | Characteristics of possession | Treatment/ Roadmap | Yoga & meditation | Pedagogical | In conclusion

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