The Limits of Psychoanalysis


You must know the whole before you can know the part and the highest before you can truly understand the lowest. That is the promise of the greater psychology awaiting its hour before which these poor gropings will disappear and come to nothing.

Sri Aurobindo


For years I worked in healthcare services where I saw no progress but degeneration. I felt that things could and should be done differently. But how?
I started with myself because I needed a higher consciousness to answer this question. I went through the different stages of consciousness as described in the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and in 2015 the Supermind Consciousness descended on me.
Today, in 2021, my transformation is complete. I can oversee the evolutionairy process and that is the basis for setting up new systems that do justice to the full human potential.

What is the most fundamental error in both mainstream and spiritual care? Why don’t the traditional yoga philosophies suffice? Why do we necessarily need the Supramental Yoga (knowledge & experience) to move forward? Essential questions that are answered in detail in this item.


This introduction describes the essence of the extended item: The Limits of Psychoanalysis


Young, enthusiastic and ignorant | Suppression | Question marks | Youth care or youth destruction? | Spiritual development | More harm than good… | The limits of psychoanalysis | The gradations of the subconscient | All life is Yoga | From man to superman | Knowledge through identity | Mixing and contamination | In conclusion

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