E-book: The Next Step in Our Evolution is Now


What is the purpose of life? This is eventually ‘the main question’. No religion or science has ever given a full answer to this question, with the result that we’ve completely lost the purpose of our existence. And yet the answer has been known for well over a hundred years! The purpose of life is: THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Although the trend already shows that we’re becoming more and more ‘conscious’, the phenomenon ‘consciousness’ is elusive for science and therefore has become a neglected child in our Western society. However, now that the world is in a time of crisis and the science-backed Western society no longer has solutions to our problems, it seems the time have come to look in the direction of Eastern wisdom.

Old systems and structures have exceeded their expiration date, and constructive solutions will not be found in the Mental Consciousness. The level that created the problems simply cannot solve them.

Sri Aurobindo’s vision represents the dawning of a new evolutionary era with the advent of a new man beyond man, inherent to the Supermind Consciousness that has been active in the Earth’s atmosphere and matter since 1956. That coming is associated in this e-book with the evolutionary crisis on Earth today. The new man is already among us.


Folks, it’s time to wake up!



This eBook serves as a basic guide to the new psychology and covers 35 pages. Its written at an accessible level and is therefore suitable for new teachers, counselors and leaders, as well as the individual seeker who wants to rise above the current chaos.


The essence of life | Spirituality vs Science | Everything is essentially energy | Under the spell of the mind | The origin and purpose of life | The vision of Sri Aurobindo | The evolutionary process | Energy is Consciousness | The Evolving Element | Reincarnation or rebirth | Human evolution | Planes of the mind/ Evolutionary stairs | The next step in our evolution is NOW | Evolve or degenerate? | The descending force | Spirit and matter | Holy cows | In conclusion | Epilogue: The Sun Forever | Acknowledgment | The writer

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