True World Order


Academy for the leaders of the future!
The True World Order Academy is set up  for the more mature souls who have come to Earth to establish new systems that do justice to the full human potential. From a transcendent consciousness. The Supermind Consciousness.

The next step in our evolution is NOW
We live in a period known as the Endtime or Sixth Extinction. Behind the surface of this chaotic reality, the Absolute is creating a new world and a next step in our evolution. This is not a process that only happens to us, we have to participate in it actively if we want to keep up with this gigantic shift, and therefore we need the right knowledge.

New psychology & cosmology
With the new man, Homo Supramental, comes a new psychology and cosmology. The Supramental Consciousness allows us to see the whole truth, and this stage of consciousness is required to form a new foundation of systems that do justice tot the full human potential. My academy is based on this integrated knowledge. In 2015 the Supermind descended on me, and today it’s fully integrated.

Knowledge through identity
The teacher, escort, counselor/leader of the future works from this new consciousness. After all, how can we support our future generations when we do not understand our psychology and cosmology fully? Do you feel you belong to this group? Then I welcome you to the True World Order Academy!